SM Supermall

Music to encourage longer dwell time and increased sales

The chain of shopping destinations has 67 malls across the Philippines and China, making it one of the largest shopping groups in Asia.

The Challenge

The SM Supermalls wanted to use music to create a more more pleasant atmosphere that enhanced dwell time, built stronger relationships with their shoppers and encouraged purchase. 

What we did

The large portfolio of venues – including the Mall of Asia, one of the biggest malls in the region – was a major consideration in our music strategy. Focusing on the burgeoning number of expats shopping in the malls, we wanted to create a sophisticated, international vibe that reflected the malls’ collection of global brands and luxury labels.

Our contemporary soundscape was cool and sensory, with mid-tempo tracks to encourage customers to take their time, but uplifting enough to energise shoppers and promote the excitement of the purchase.


Our easy-to-use software allowed the music across the group to be changed centrally as customer profiles changed at specific periods throughout the day, whether older shoppers, families or teens. 


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