Music identity brings a cool East London vibe to downtown Hong Kong

The latest addition to the hip restaurants and bars of Kennedy Town, this new urban restaurant/bar combines an industrial chic interior with gastronomic destination dining.

The challenge

To develop a unique music identity for a cool urban eatery with a wide customer demographic in an area that is quickly becoming known for its finger-on-the-pulse restaurant and bar scene.

What we did

Close to Hong Kong University and the affluent district of Pok Fu Lam, Kennedy Town is an area that’s reinvented itself as a hip hub that attracts people to its bar and eating scene. The wide demographic – ranging from students and young entrepreneurs to expat business owners, families and young mums – demanded a deep understanding and carefully considered strategy.


Shoreditch wanted a music soundtrack to connect and impress their discerning patrons, creating a welcoming, comfortable environment at different times a day for different audiences. With their finger on the pulse of hipness, the Kaleidovision music team crafted sounds that captured the feel of urban British cool, so younger people can tap into the vibe without making older clients feel out of place.



We hit upon a signature identity that is vibey enough to create a kicking bar culture without drowning out conversations over lunch or dinner. The profiling automatically takes into account the peaks and troughs of energy in the venue throughout the day, with discreet contemporary tracks during lunch and afternoon, and a deeper vibe during the evening.


New tracks are automatically infused into the playlist on a weekly basis with no need for the staff to do anything, creating a fresh sound that constantly reinvents itself.