Bringing social in-store, to involve customers in the brand’s feel-good vibe

Launched in New York in 1965, there are now more than 900 restaurants worldwide that celebrate the liberating spirit of Friday… every day.

The Challenge

The iconic American bar and grill wanted to activate a social media campaign in-store, to drive a feel-good moment that reached out beyond the standard restaurant experience.

What we did

The brand were excited about running their selfie-inspired #BurgerFace social campaign, and asked us to help them drive engagement in-store.

We proposed the campaign was not only advertised via digital screens, but that we use the capabilities of the CMS dynamically to showcase the latest #Burgerface selfies to guests across the country.

We configured our CMS so the social media agency could approve photos for screens at any time of day or night, and designed the motion graphics creative content that the photos and text copy would automatically display within.

Content feeds were also regionalised so that guest images appeared in relevant stores. 

Fridays took the positive learnings from this campaign and subsequently activated additional social campaigns in store.


“We worked as a team alongside other agencies to powerfully activate this social campaign in-store.”

Amy Henaghan, Senior Account Manager, Kaleidovision

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