Contemporary health clubs are upping their game with customised music concepts and digital signage that pack a punch.

Gyms mean energy, power, strength and vitality - yet so many use mainstream music and generic information points that don’t motivate or inspire their digitally savvy members.

Getting in shape

We’re all over some of the freshest health and fitness brands to give them the edge in how they talk and sound. We’ve reinvented clubs with one-off crafted soundtracks and music videos that give a hit of energy to keep gym junkies moving – changing the personality of a space by moving away from run-of-the-mill sounds. And making members up their game during training.

We’ve rebooted communication too, with high-tech digital installations, branded touchscreens and signage that bring a gym space bang up to the minute. They’re not only quick and easy to update from one central location or at a local level, but make it easy for members to check out classes, book a session or link to social media.

And the great thing about our one-stop shop is that we work with content, creative and tech to give you the complete package, integrating music and music videos, social media and marketing in one agency.

No fuss, no sweat.