Uplifting sounds suit the urban clothing brand

The Challenge

While remaining true to their core values of providing affordable fashion to urban women, Warehouse wanted to update their in-store soundtrack to align with their new vision of ‘Warehouse curates the city’. 

What we did

We wanted to reinforce the brand’s position on the pulse of cool culture, as well as mirroring its evolving urban diversity with a captivating soundtrack that spoke to a sophisticated female audience. 


We put our urban music curators on the case to develop an inspiring, independent-minded music identity that would complement the brand’s British sensibility and forward-thinking attitude.


In line with the redefined brand communication theme of ‘Warehouse curates the city’, they crafted a life-affirming soundtrack with a dynamic edge that was intelligent and aware.


The urban-grounded feminine sounds are tuned into the city, speaking relevance to women who seek Warehouse’s modern urban aesthetic.


The tech rollout was handled efficiently and seamlessly by Kaleidovision’s Project Managers. Music is constantly updated to keep it fresh, with playlists hand-curated for selected special events.

warehouse 05

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