Refined and characterful music playlists for British premium dining pub concepts

Revere pubs are the brainchild of the passionate management team who are also the driving force behind the Pitcher & Piano brand.

The Challenge

Fusing original architectural features with quirky interior design, Revere pubs radiate pure modern British. The music concept needed to reflect the timeless charm of the traditional architecture, but at the same time sound contemporary, relevant and now. 

What we did

We were tasked with creating a contemporary dining sound to reflect each pub’s individual style and home-away-from-home ambience. The soundtracks needed to both support and enhance the modern-day dining proposition, while heightening the aesthetic of the independently styled venues, which range from elegant city listed buildings to premium country pubs with rooms.


Everything that the Revere brand stands for is reflected in its music concept – the sound is rich, relaxed, feel-good, and homely. The playlists were also styled to suit each venue’s trading pattern and customer traffic flow.

Special attention was paid to designing a music concept with depth and texture, and which would enhance the dining experience rather than dominate it, yet still be rhythmic enough to drive customer engagement.

big 5

“Focusing on the key Revere aspect of quality, we produced a playlist that really encapsulated the essence of what they were looking to produce. Each track is cherry-picked from right at the top of their genre, allowing the playlist to continue to evolve into a quality soundscape, and mirror the Revere offer.”

Nick Soons, Music Manager, Kaleidovision

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