A digital technology platform for fitness clubs who want to run virtual groupex classes

A flexible fitness solution

FitboxVirtual® works exclusively with fitness centres and gyms, providing the digital technology required to operate virtual classes. 

Virtual exercise classes add great value to a gym’s offer. Not only do they free up staff and maximize the use of space during off-peak times, but they can also offer members a lot more variety and flexibility.

Working closely with Les Mills, the leading global producer of group exercise fitness classes, we developed the FitboxVirtual® platform to be simple to install, schedule and operate. 

Kaleidovision’s existing technology has been leveraged to create the suite of FitboxVirtual® products.

The FitboxVirtual® Player outputs HD video content, and is connected in the club to a projector, an audio system and the internet. The club can create its weekly timetable of virtual classes using the FitboxVirtual® Scheduler. There are also touchscreen add-ons including FitboxVirtual® ON DEMAND which allows customers to select and play classes of their choice whenever required. The platform can be extended further with the addition of marketing digital signage and touchscreens. 

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