The French heritage brand upgrades in-store with digital pricing screens

The upmarket bakery patisserie has passed through five generations of the same family since 1889, and today has a presence in 25 countries.

The Challenge

To take advantage of new digital marketing technology, Paul asked us to upgrade printed price and poster boards in their new-format stores, replacing signs that needed to be changed manually several times a day and were often variable in terms of execution and accuracy.

What we did

Kaleidovision developed a two-screen solution in conjunction with Paul’s marketing and property departments, replacing poster boards that could only display single static messages with more flexible digital screens with multiple messaging capabilities.

We configured our web-based CMS for central management by Paul’s head office with no reliance on local store staff, saving time and standardizing the communication. It also addressed the needs of communication at different times of day, introducing automatic daypart updates to reflect breakfast, lunch and afternoon menus. Head office could quickly access a set of bespoke template layouts, add new digital posters and send to stores in a matter of minutes.

Content changes could also be prepared in advance within the CMS and set to go live at a specified time, catering to either an individual store or the whole estate. 

The on-screen communication system allowed the brand to easily track how successfully in-store messaging drives sales of products and assists in introducing new lines. We also proposed and crafted several short brand films that communicated Paul’s authentic French heritage to customers. We assisted Paul not only in supplying CMS and on-screen design, but also with their communications objectives, positioning in store and supply and tech management of the media player technology.

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