Music to make a statement

Hip boutique chain Gymbox set out to be the antidote to boring gyms, with the fitness world’s most unique classes and VPTs (Very Personal Trainers).

The challenge

The gym brand wanted us to redevelop their brand sound and curate new playlists to reflect their totally out-of-the-box training methods and creative club-esque spaces. The music identity needed to reflect the brand’s gritty urban outlook, while also taking into account how members would be doing different styles of workout at the same time. 


What we did

We cherry-picked tracks to produce a cutting-edge, inspiring and hard-hitting music concept, embodying the brand’s adventurous and switched-on vibe. We wanted a sound that would energise and unite gym bunnies across London and get them into the right mind-set and training zone.


The playlists needed to feel original and completely step outside the chart arena, so we dug deep and sourced sounds that evoke London’s underground club culture and championed the city’s emerging trends.

“Gymbox are a brand with balls - we’ve crafted a really distinctive music concept for them. It brings together their unique mix of entertainment and fitness, and when members plug into the creative, inspiring and motivating music, they significantly improve their training. The impact is clearly positive and long-lasting.”

Nick Soons, Music Manager, Kaleidovision

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