Local-focused digital content for hip hostels

Europe’s fastest-growing hostel brand operates a range of design-led properties in the coolest cities.

The Challenge

The award-winning, boutique hostel brand wanted a digital communications channel to highlight each property’s local flavour, and showcase collaborations and brand messages.

What we did

Our digital screen strategy needed to present a mix of varied content on the channel to capture the happening, independent spirit of the Generator brand. So we set out to mash up a range of brand communication and local influences to meet marketing objectives, engage and inspire the young, culturally switched-on guests.

For each property, we developed footage-led content to cross-advertise the brand’s hostel portfolio alongside the creative culture in each different city. We proposed using live social media feeds to allow guests to upload photos and posts of their experiences at each hostel, and recommended leveraging Generator’s collaborations with super cool, video-rich artists and brands.

Within our powerful CMS, we designed video templates which each hostel could use to create city-specific adverts, which could then be scheduled by time of day and day of week.  They super-charged advertising for events and offers – such as live music, DJs and art collaborations – promoting each hostel’s own F&B offer, nearby happenings and enlisting local people to recommend things to do.


This simple, slick CMS software became a vital part of the brand’s marketing toolkit - allowing local messaging, but ensuring it appeared on brand. 

“We’ve helped develop Generator’s unique, independent spirit, capturing the atmosphere and celebrating the vibe in London, Berlin, Hamburg, Barcelona, Dublin, Venice and Copenhagen.”

Paul Damian, Creative Consultant, Kaleidovision

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