A hip female-centric soundtrack for the high-street favourite

Founded in 1991, the British contemporary ladies fashion brand provides a playful ‘boutique’ experience on the high street, and now boasts an impressive 80+ stores all over the UK – and beyond.

The Challenge

Oasis didn’t feel their stores had quite the right atmosphere: the music wasn’t reaching out to customers and didn’t convey much about what the brand stood for. They asked us to inject new life into their London flagship by creating a new in-store soundtrack that enhanced the brand’s contemporary, fun-loving vibe, and reinforced their boutique retail spirit.

What we did

We reviewed the existing in-store music, and found it was predominantly chart-driven and predictable. This seemed to be at odds with the brand’s design-driven, feminine focus.

We worked closely with the Oasis brand team to create a unique sound that aligned with the brand’s effortless quirkiness and sense of fun. The curated playlists were bursting with feminine hip goodness – from cool, hypnotic UK vocalists through to the fiery spark of empowering global female music icons.

We also used dayparting to reflect different moods and energy levels to bring the different layers of the brand experience to life. The music concept powerfully described the Oasis brand – inspiring feminine attitude, fun and confidence.

“Kaleidovision has helped us reinvent out store. The new digital installations allow our customers to immerse themselves into a completely new kind of Oasis shopping experience.”

Jill Gate, Head of Marketing & PR, Oasis

How can we enhance your brand experience?

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“The new music is a real asset to the brand: staff love it, customers are commenting on it, there’s now a totally different atmosphere in-store. ‘Oasis girl’ is definitely into her fashion AND her music.”

Aisha Nanor, Head of Music, Kaleidovision