High-end filming and photography to promote premium brand values

The award-winning collection of eight wellbeing clubs across Europe feature exceptional health, spa and fitness facilities, spectacular settings and exclusive atmospheres.

The challenge

To showcase their Europe-wide clubs and enhance their premium brand image, Aspria wanted exceptional-quality photography and film that was worthy of a luxury brand, as well as being flexible enough to be used on various media platforms.

What we did

Kaleidovision managed all aspects of the shoot from concept to final editing.


We developed mood boards and storyboards that gave life to the creative direction and defined the assets to be produced.


The scope of the project was wide, with eight locations in Germany, Italy and Belgium, and 120 models and extras to consider. We directed casting, props, wardrobe and organised 80+ crew and production flights, while our on-set director and production team oversaw all camera work for photography and video, which included several 5am shoots using drones to capture stunning sunrises.



At post-production stage, we crafted the video editing, sound design and motion graphics into 19 main content edits to be used extensively across multiple media channels, including web, social, in-store screens, print, ATL campaigns and cinema commercials.

Kaleidovision managed all aspects of the shoot from concept to final editing

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