A new sound to define the personality of the celebrated UK bar brand

Owned by Marston's, each Pitcher & Piano bar is beautifully designed, with many in listed buildings.

The Challenge

Pitcher & Piano are rightfully proud of their premium brand positioning and the individual interior design of each site, and asked us to take the essence of their brand and build that into a music concept.

What we did

The Pitcher & Piano Marketing team had moved the brand away from the former late-night emphasis to be lighter and more food-focused, particularly during the daytime and early weeknights. It gave the bars a more contemporary, grown-up feel, and weekend nights were significantly less boisterous.

We helped that repositioning through gradual changes to the music concept - slowly changing commercial content in favour of a subtle house/lounge vibe. The eclectic daytime mix fused classic soul tracks with a contemporary singer songwriter sound.

For weeknights, the focus was on creating a music concept that could be left turned down to create a more intimate dining experience, or turned up to get feet tapping. Mainstream music was delisted, in favour of tracks featuring 60s funk and soul icons, current R&B, electro licks, and the coolest end of current commercial music.

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“We’re all over the detail - we tweak the sound individually for each site, to ensure we're optimising trading in each daypart.”

Ian Donald, Music Dept, Kaleidovision

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