Engaging digital concept redefines hi-tech innovation for London nightclub

The legendary Shadow Lounge is a 280-capacity venue in the heart of Soho, appealing to a well-heeled clubbing clientele.

The Challenge

The client wanted to recreate the edgy loucheness of 1960s Soho in its iconic club, using digital to push the boundaries and put the venue back on the map. They asked us to mastermind a new experience using state-of-the-art tech and visual media, to create an unforgettable club experience.

What we did

We wanted to mash up the showmanship of Las Vegas with Soho’s shady, sexy past to create a thrilling, edgy interior that redefined hi-tech, hi-energy nightlife.


We worked closely with the Novus senior management and marketing teams, and pulled together a team of experts including lighting designers and digital film markers, to develop an immersive installation with real wow factor, using a combination of technologies that had never been seen before in the UK. 


A mesmerising LED video installation covered the ceiling and curved down onto the walls. In addition, the interior design contained large, hidden video columns which could be used artistically and unexpectedly.

We devised the creative direction for the lighting design and digital video installations.

We directed and shot thematic content that moved around the room between the different surfaces, creating dynamic visual moods. Sophisticated, conceptual and sexy, the video film mixed dancers, physical actors and computer graphics effects, which would morph across the ceiling and walls, and disappear into the shadows, conjuring up a modern take on Soho noir.

Four pre-launch teaser films were also produced in a similar creative style.

“This project interestingly coupled a high degree of creativity and conceptual design with the requirement to deliver some complex digital tech."

Andy Pitman,Co-Founder & Managing Director, Kaleidovision

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