Supporting a boutique hotel brand’s music strategy using digital

As IHG’s boutique hotel concept, every Hotel Indigo has the individuality of a one-off property, while at the same time having the backing of a global hotel operator.

The Challenge

The hotel brand had commissioned our sister agency Music Concierge to create individual music concepts for its properties – and challenged us to use digital to communicate each hotel’s link with its local neighbourhood music scene.

What we did

Hotel Indigo were passionate about bringing each property to life through the neighbourhood story - culture, character and history.  Finding music stories was an important part of the mix. 


Small screens were deployed around the hotels, featuring music-related editorial including a track-by-track explanation to communicate narrative and context – encouraging guests to discover which bands, musicians or iconic artists past and present had links in the neighbourhood.

We produced the screen content creative, and sorted out the tech so the playlist information could be taken live from the Kaleidovision music player, via a local network link.


"The digital screen content updated as the playlists changed by daypart. A great example of digital and music both supporting the brand together."

Andy Pitman, Co-Founder & Managing Director, Kaleidovision

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