Music identity for a young, hipster audience draws on local culture

The award-winning boutique hostel chain Generator has design-led properties in eight of Europe’s most inspiring cities: Barcelona, Berlin, Copenhagen, Dublin, Hamburg, London, Venice, Paris and Rome.

The Challenge

The brand wanted to distance theselves from the mainstream music scene, and challenged us to develop a music identity which would capture the brand’s urban chic, forward-thinking and independent spirit. Music needed to reflect into each individual city location to impress the brand’s young, informed, design-literate audience.

What we did

Generator is a seriously exciting brand that aligns itself with the creative community in each city. We created a defining ambience in each property by developing individual soundtracks that authentically captured local flavour in an effortlessly cool way.

The hip, hand-picked playlists encouraged guests to spend more time in Generator’s stylish and contemporary social spaces.

Since the launch of the new music identities, the reaction from guests has been overwhelmingly positive, sparking off exciting social media activity, helping to open everyone’s eyes to each city’s cultural scene.

“Music has a huge impact on the business - it’s all about creating the right atmosphere for the guest. Kaleidovision does that really,
really well.”

Jen Needham, Events and Special Initiatives Manager, Generator

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