We use music to define and communicate the soul of your brand.

If your brand sounds right in store, customers will stay longer, spend more, and be lured back to do it all over again.

Music concepts

Our bespoke music strategies translate brands into sound, creating distinctive identities that significantly change perception and drive dwell time. Whether it’s expressing heritage, relevance or keeping ahead of the curve, our super-savvy in-house experts finely tune sound to the trading style and atmosphere of anything from shop or department store to a restaurant or bar.

Our skillset taps what customers respond to in the marketplace, creating distinctive, on-point concepts that a brand will want to shout about. Plus we’re backed by a vast central music library that can keep a playlist as quirky, gutsy or calming as you like.

Music consultancy

We’re plugged into a worldwide network of record companies, artists, writers and DJs. It allows us to drum up a totally unique music-related vibe for your brand, whether it’s crafting editorial for your website or blogs, music for press events, social campaigns or organising in-store sound atmosphere sessions.