Create mood, streamline information and add a dash of wow with music and digital.

We work with a range of hotel and hostel groups, providing the tools they need to communicate their marketing messages, create an ambience and impress their guests with their up-to-the-minute vibe.

Adding value for guests

Hotels have specific needs. We’re adept at getting under the skin of a brand to develop its own unique signature sound, adapting it for different zones at different times of the day and different audiences.

Using our digital know-how, we can put together powerful customer engagement strategies to make guests feel at home, with touchscreens, digital signage and immersive solutions to enchant, organise or impress. Whether it’s basic wayfinding, dayparted marketing messages or wow-factor displays and music in bars and restaurants, our creatives and strategists can reach guests at key touchpoints and communicate what your brand stands for.