Digital communication strategy for the UK’s favourite hostel brand

With a heritage stretching back to the 1930s, the Youth Hostels Association now operates a network of 140 hostels throughout England and Wales.

The Challenge

YHA wanted to bring digital marketing screens into the reception and social areas of their newly re-designed hostels. Existing paper noticeboards were cluttered, often confusing and hard to manage centrally. Kaleidovision was tasked with devising a digital content strategy and media management system.

What we did

We worked closely with the YHA brand to understand their marketing and brand communications objectives: the channel needed to be a mix of centrally driven communication, with additional local flavour added by individual hostels.

After crafting a motion graphics animation style to reflect the brand’s vibrant new visual identity, we created adverts for key initiatives including membership sign-ups, social engagement and food & beverage promotions.


Photography-led ads designed to cross-advertise hostel sites were designed to encourage repeat bookings at other stunning locations.


To communicate YHA’s brand heritage and highlight its charitable objectives, we combined inspiring archive footage with contemporary video to connect with guests both young and old. Much content designed originally for the in-hostel screens has been re-purposed for web, conferences and AGMs.


Kaleidovision’s music team also curated fresh music concepts for the hostels, designed to encapsulate YHA’s spirit of outdoor adventure and discovery.

“Brands like YHA have such an amazing story to tell, we’ve really enjoyed helping them do that via digital.”

Sam Fry, Designer, Kaleidovision

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