Updating the music identity of premium London bars

Novus operates a portfolio of around 50 unique bars, restaurants and late-night experiences which are among the busiest in the country.

The Challenge

Novus operates well-known venue brands including Jewel, Babble and Tiger Tiger, but realised their music needed a major overhaul and a finger-on-the-pulse approach. They called us to produce new music concepts that would reinvigorate all their brands, and give each venue much more credibility with its target audience.

What we did

Novus wanted us to devise music identities which resonated with each venue’s distinctive ambience, personality and clientele. We developed concepts with a real sense of uniqueness for key operational formats.

Within the expanding premium bar and dining segment, super-contemporary Mabel’s in Covent Garden had quirky and eclectic design elements, plus a labyrinth of eating and drinking spaces. Our solution was a music profile that mixed contemporary café culture with a neighbourhood bar meets destination cocktail scene. This perfectly suited diners who were then attracted to check out the groovy basement club down below.

Within the mainstream nightclub segment, Zoo Bar just off Leicester Square was screaming out for playlists that were bang up to date and updated rapidly, so West End clubbers and tourists hitting the city could hear the very latest sounds, building atmosphere before the late night DJs hit the decks.

We also put in our interactive DJ music player, so the hottest music videos could be shown on big digital screens.


"Kaleidovision are our eyes and ears for lifestyle and contemporary culture. Their impressive music knowledge and extensive understanding of our brands always results in on-point sounds for our concepts and customers."

Sophie Evans, Tiger Tiger Brand Manager, Novus Leisure

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