Multi-zone music identity

Over the past 10 years, the David Lloyd Group has expanded to include 88 UK and European leisure clubs with almost half a million members.

The challenge

The clubs needed different music identities for key spaces – gyms, cafes, club lounges, and spas.  City centre and suburban clubs also needed different music concepts for their different audiences.


What we did

Training areas needed stimulating sounds to provide motivating rhythm to enhance working out. We curated a pan-European daytime music concept that evolved into a more progressive sound for the style-conscious after-work crowd, which included a nod to the Dutch techno scene. Its high energy was calculated to push members towards their workout goals. 

The confident sound and contemporary attitude was extended into the club lounge and café areas.

In contrast, we developed relaxing, uplifting playlists for the spa areas to help stress and tension drift away. 

And in the socialising zones, we used the brand’s contemporary feel-good as a driver: vibrant café-culture sounds for the club lounges, and edgier current sounds in the stylish bars.

“We’ve successfully created distinct sounds for each zone and curated a music policy that connects brilliantly with the Dutch audience, yet retains David Lloyd’s premium brand feel.”

Nick Soons, Music Manager, Kaleidovision

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