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The collection of eight outstanding European wellness clubs has won numerous awards for its outstanding spas as well as its dedicated children’s programmes, bespoke health assessments and peerless fitness facilities.

The Challenge

The premium clubs have many different messages to convey, from details of children’s programmes and bespoke fitness plans to the brand’s overall wellbeing objectives, making communication complex and multi-layered. We were commissioned to determine how to best communicate this mix of information to inspire, educate and retain members.

What we did

The brand’s flagship club in Brussels is an extensive and historic centre of sporting excellence, and needed to work hard to engage members. The messaging needed to aid understanding of the many services and products on offer – and help the brand maximise retention rates. Aspria also needed a lot of the information to update automatically from existing data feeds, so the content management could be as easy as possible.


We devised a multi-screen strategy that included different digital informational and advertising components to provide clear touchpoints along the customer journey. As well as promoting a better understanding of the brand philosophy, the strategy aided navigation of the many classes and facilities.


Most conspicuous were the large-format, high-quality video walls that showcase a powerful brand message and encourage further engagement with products and services through impressively crafted content.



Bespoke discovery touchscreens in high traffic spaces throughout the club give members the opportunity to learn more about the brand’s unique scientifically-driven approach to wellbeing. Members can browse personal trainers to discover their skills, specialisms and the languages they speak, and contact them via the touchscreen to ask questions or book a session.


Multiple touchscreens adjacent to the club’s Fitness Zones allow members to view a timetable of more than 100 classes, browse and learn more about different classes, check out specific instructors and watch class videos. To complete the suite of communication tools, mini screens outside each fitness studio show members what class is in progress and which is next.


The result is a slick, up-to-date digital customer experience that’s as easy for staff to operate as it is for customers to use for information-gathering.

Aspria 08

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